Ancient Egyptian Statue Found Believed to The Pharaoh Ramses

The German and Egyptian archaeologists had ‘one of the most important discovery’, it was an 8m high pharaoh Ramses II statue.

This statue dating back about 3,000 years, is said to be carved pharaoh Ramses II Great, made of quartz – porphyry with quartz crystals.

Khaled al-Anani, Minister of the ancient ruins of Egypt, said that this is one of the most important findings. Mr. Anani told Reuters: “We have found statues torso, head, and the lower part has statues unearthed head, crown and right eye.”Ramses II was the pharaoh who ruled from 1314 to 1200 while BC and is considered one of the greatest Pharaohs. The successors’ pharaoh Ramses II is still called “The great organization.”

Scientists have discovered a statue section between ground clutter in the public sector in the county Mattarya in Cairo. Position discovered this statue is said to lie in the road on the pharaoh Ramses II temple, belonging to the ancient capital of the Pharaohs Heliopolis.

In addition to the 8m-high statue, the statue of King 80cm limestone Seti II, who reigned around 1200 BC and is the pharaoh Ramses II’s grandson.

Aymen Ashmawy, head of the Egyptian excavation team, commented: “The discovery of two statues shows the importance of the city of Heliopolis, which was built to worship the sun god Ra.”

Reuters said the pharaoh Ramses II temple is one of the largest temples in Egypt, but was destroyed in the empire Hi – La. Large boulders to build a house had been taken to bring about Alexandria or Europe and the temple’s smaller pedestal stolen to build many other buildings in Cairo.